Fab Swingers is Two

Fab Swingers is now two years, but like a much older person a birthday is a time for some introspection.

As of today the Alexa Traffic Rank is 39,713 which is a whisker away from The Adult Hub (and on the basis of the shorter term data The Adult Hub are already behind us in terms of traffic).

It’s pretty clear that unless something goes horribly wrong that Fab will overtake Swinging Heaven in the next twelve months to become the largest UK swingers site.

The only slight disappointment is that the USA has not done very well but that’s simply because it’s not had enough time spent on it. The problem is that my other website is now doing more than $250,000 per month whereas Fab Swingers is doing less than 1% of that so it’s very hard for me to spend the time on the site that it deserves.

On the positive side though it does mean that I can afford to invest a bit more financially than I have done in the past.

Also, my experience in other businesses has been that as you begin to threaten the market leaders they will typically get the lawyers on the case (on any spurious grounds) so I am now beginning to build up a contingency fund to make sure we can give as good as we get.

A final remark: After two years of struggle we are finally getting great placement on Google for various swinger related search terms BUT this has exactly coincided with our page rank (as reported by the Google Toolbar) dropping a notch. Proof positive that page rank is not that important anymore. I am tempted to drop it from the benchmarking reports.

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