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Complete search engine coverage for the first time

Saturday, October 28th, 2006

Today the site was thoroughly crawled by MSN, this now means that we are finally getting proper coverage from all three major search engines (the other two being Google and Yahoo of course).

Ask has been round the site a little bit but is certainly not properly crawling it. However Ask has such a small market share that I’m not too bothered.

Of the big three, Yahoo is the only search engine which is actually sending us much traffic but I’m relatively relaxed about this: it’s still very early days and overall I’m very pleased with how quickly the site has been accepted by the search engines.

Don't be evil

Saturday, October 28th, 2006

Google’s slogan is famously “don’t be evil” but I’m thinking that I want to make this my slogan too. The adult industry generally has a pretty bad reputation; someone said to me recently that the online adult business can be summed by by CREAM - Cash Rules Everything Around Me.

I would like Fab Swingers to be the opposite of this. I’ve made a lot of effort to make it a good website and a good citizen in the internet world. First, I’ve made it sure that it is all valid XML and passes the W3 Validator, I’ve also put in both PICS and ICRA rating tags to make sure that the parental controls on Internet Explorer, AOL, etc. work properly.

Most importantly though I’ve began the lengthy process of building trust with the users of the site and I really hope that over the years the swinging community will accept Fab Swingers into the family.

PS. I’ve had a few beers prior to writing this post!


Friday, October 20th, 2006

I am not happy at all. My hosting company managed to give me 27 hours of downtime. They had a power cut which caused the server to fail, apparantly a fuse in a power strip blew (why don’t they use dual power supplies?). When the server came back up there was file system corruption which meant they had to run fsck and because the storage device is so large this took nearly 27 hours to complete (why aren’t they using a journaling file system?).

It’s particularly annoying because one of the factors the search engines take into account is reliability of the site so this incident will have given a knock to my marketing campaign in addition to annoying my users/potential users.

This has shaken my faith in the whole VPS idea. As soon as I can justify it I’m going to move to my own dedicated server. I’ll probably stick with Jaguar PC because their support has been good.

The only positive thing to come out of all of this is that quite a few people did email to ask what had happened - so it’s good to know that there are people out there who care about the site.

Swingers don't buy porn

Tuesday, October 17th, 2006

Up to know my advertising has not been doing very well. I’ve now tested it for 3 weeks and I’ve made precisely zero from it.

I’ve been thinking quite a lot about why this is and I’ve reached the conclusion that it’s because swingers probably don’t buy that much porn. If I was inclined to bash one off I would probably be more turned on by the pictures of the people on Fab Swingers rather than the adverts and there would also be that extra edge to it because I would know that there is always outside chance that I might get to play with them some time.

I’m going to ditch the porn adverts and instead use Clicksor. This will also have the advantage that I’ll be paid per click rather than having to wait out a two stage sales process.

Over 100 members!

Saturday, October 7th, 2006

We’ve just gone past the 100 member mark. That’s a relief!