It's absolutely fabulous

Lady with Mask has been founded to take advantage of the move away from charging fees and subscriptions for consumer websites. We provide alternative ways that consumer websites can be monetized.

We provide advertising services both by selling advertising directly and offering advertising networks and affiliates. We have also just launched a text (SMS) service to allow websites to integrate our phone chat service with all billing and technical infrastructure handled by us.

site focus fab swingers

Fab Swingers is a community space for swingers in the UK, USA and other English-speaking countries. It features profiles, blogs, groups and the features you'd expect from a high quality social networking site.

Fab Guys is a fast growing site for gay men by the Fab Swingers people.

We recently launched mobile web app versions of our sites. You can access these on your iPhone or Android or other modern smartphone. Try them out: FabSwingers Mobile App or Fabguys Mobile App.

advertising opportunities

We are interested in hearing from advertisers with products are members would be interested in. It is very helpful if partners can operate in all of the following countries:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Ireland
  • New Zealand
  • UK
  • USA

business model

We look for successful subscription based websites and then offer a competing advertising-funded model. Most consumers prefer seeing adverts to paying fees.

We like businesses with a strong network effect; so that the more users we attract the more valuable our website is.

The websites are built with open source technology to keep costs down and quality up.

Advertising is by word-of-mouth, blogging and search engines. This gives us massive growth at virtually no cost.

There's a twitter account for Fab Swingers that you can follow.